Aaron Carter Net Worth

Aaron Carter net worth was estimated to be around $500 thousand. Carter was an American singer, songwriter, and actor. He followed his elder brother “Nick Carter`s” footsteps and became popular in the late 1990s by becoming a pop singer. Moreover, Nick was also a member of the Backstreet Boys. Furthermore, Aaron was featured in numerous television shows as a child artist. He starred in shows like Lizzie McGuire, 7th Heaven, and Sabrina, the Teenage Witch. All of these shows were a game changer for him. Aaron Carter is also connected with Britney Spears sometimes because they went together in their struggles. 

Born on Dec 7, 1987
Born in Tampa, Florida
Aaron Carter DeathNov 5, 2022
Age when died34 years old
Height6 ft (1.83 m)
NationalityUnited States of America
ProfessionSinging, songwriting, acting, dancing
Aaron Carter Net Worth$500 thousand

Early Life

Aaron Carter was born in Tampa, Florida, on December 7, 1987. He was raised with four other siblings: three sisters and one brother.  Aaron died on Nov 5, 2022.

Education and More

He attended two different schools: the first one was Frank D. Miles Elementary School, and the second one was Ruskin School in Florida.  This kid had a spark in him for music and singing; he was only seven when he started this. 

Aaron Carter Net Worth

Music Career

This shining boy started his career as a lead singer for “Dead End.” It was the local band formed by the members of a local school in Tampa. Carter had a conflict with this band because he was interested in pop music, and the band was in the jazz genre. 

He was only nine years old when he launched his first single music.  It was in Berlin for the opening of “Backstreet Boys.” After that, Aaron appeared in numerous shows singing.  Carter began this in March 1997. His single song “Crush on You” was in the same year. 

His second album, “Aaron’s Party (Come Get it),” was available in 2000. Several singles, including “I Want Candy,” were included. The songs “That’s How I Beat Shaq” and “Aaron’s Party (Come Get it)” The songs were frequently played on Nickelodeon and Disney.

Million Copies

“Another Earthquake” was released in 2002 and was also a success. However, it was not as successful as his previous work.  Carter’s manager, Johnny Wright, revealed in 2011 that he was receiving treatment for emotional and spiritual rehabilitation. He was treated for a month at the Betty Ford Center in California before returning to his regular activities. At the age of just 34, Carter was discovered dead in the bathtub of his California home on November 5, 2022. Aaron Carter net worth was $400 thousand at the time of his death. 

Aaron Carter Net Worth, age and career

Aaron Carter Net Worth 

Aaron Carter net worth as of the publishing of this article is estimated around $400 thousand. 

Aaron Carter Quotes

“Having a dream, living that dream, losing that dream, dreaming again and then having that dream come true again is one of the greatest feelings ever because I’m stronger.” — Aaron Carter


“Animals keep you company when you’re really lonely. It helps because when you have a friend around who always likes you no matter what – it’s harder to feel bad or down.” — Aaron Carter


“Music is something that always lifts my spirits and makes me happy, and when I make music, I always hope it will have the same effect on whoever listens to it.” — Aaron Carter


“I was singing in a mall, and I picked a girl to come up onstage with me. As I was grabbing her hand, I fell off the stage. It felt like I was in the air forever, flying like Superman.” — Aaron Carter


“There’s not a day that I don’t work on vocals, have vocal coaches, go to acting classes, read books.” — Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter Childhood picture

Faq`s About Aaron Carter

How much was Aaron Carter worth?

Aaron Carter net worth is estimated around $400 thousand. 

How old was Aaron Carter when he died?

The day of his demise was November 5, 2022, and he was only 34 years old at that time. 

How tall was Aaron Carter?

Aaron Carter estimated height was 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in).


Aaron Carter is a pop artist and hip-hop singer from the United States of America. In some European countries, his first album was ranked in the top ten music of that time. He also worked in shows like “Fat Albert,” and “Liberty`s Kids.” When Aaron demised from here, Aaron Carter net worth was around $400 thousand. 

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