IShowSpeed Net Worth 2024

Darren Jason Watkins Jr known as IShowSpeed, is a famous social media personality. He is an American YouTuber, streamer, and rapper. He is also known by the name Speed. IShowSpeed is best known for his live streams, in which he primarily plays video games, including FIFA, Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox. IShowSpeed Net Worth as of $15 million.

He was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. Speed registered his channel “IShowSpeed” in 2017, and started posting gaming content. From 2021-2022, he gained substantial popularity due to the circulation of eye-catching clips from his live streaming on social media platforms. His videos have earned over 20 million subscribers on his social media platform. At the 12th Streamy Awards in 2022, he was named Breakout Streamer of the Year. In this article, we will discuss IShowSpeed Net Worth, career, education and much more.

Date of birth21 January, 2005
Place of birthCincinnati, Ohio
ProfessionAmerican YouTuber, rapper, streamer

Early life

Speed joined YouTube in 2016, he uploads gameplay videos occasionally. In December 2017, he began live streaming and uploading videos of games such as NBA 2K and Fortnite. But in the beginning, he only managed to average two viewers. Over time, his subscriber count saw a rise in months. He reached to 100,000 subscribers in 2021, and to 1 million in June 2021. With time his followers are increasing by 10 million in 2022, and 20 million in 2024.

IShowSpeed Net Worth

Career and Education

According to the latest update 2024, Darren graduated from Ohio Digital Learning School in Maumee, Ohio, online in June of 2023. 

As an influencer, Watkins began streaming in 2019. He became a prominent figure in 2021. His fan base began posting clips on TikTok during live streams of games, players, and his camera, which gained popularity and became memes. One of the known figures Kotaku described Watkins as “one of the biggest and fastest-rising streamers” on YouTube. The game Talking Ben has majorly contributed to his growth in popularity. His videos on Talking Ben the Dog were credited for bringing the mobile app and becoming the best-selling game on the App Store after its initial release.

However, it is unconfirmed, that he formerly dated Ermony Renee, also known as Dream (not the Minecraft YouTuber). It’s still unknown if they are still dating or not. Darren is also a former player of Purcell Marian High School’s football and basketball teams.  

ishowspeed net worth

IShowSpeed’s Musical Career

In 2021, Watkins released his first single, “Dooty Booty”, on his YouTube channel. After the upload, his song quickly became popular on YouTube and other social media sites such as TikTok. In the same year, he released another single titled song “Shake”, which sampled “Ready or Not” by Fugees, and “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles. This song’s music video received over 160 million views on YouTube. In 2022, he released a song called “(Sewey)”, for his newfound admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo. Again in the same year 2022, he released another titled song “World Cup” under Warner Records for FIFA World Cup 2022. 

ishow speed

Moreover, he has been working super hard to make a living, and to be honest he is killing at the game. His streaming career and YouTube videos are growing like never before.

IShowSpeed Net Worth

IShowSpeed is a teenage millionaire with IShowSpeed net worth of $15 million. His sources of income are YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, and other social media Platforms. The average amount of $3-$7 is paid per thousand views, to the IShowSpeed YouTube channel. He can generate an estimated $73,000 thousand a month and about $1 – 3 million a year in ad revenue. Other sources of Speed earn an average of somewhere $2- 4 million each year from YouTube alone.  


The most interesting fact about IShow Speed?

He started posting videos during the pandemic time and without knowing that these videos would get millions of views and subscribers.

He got recognition due to his video parts going viral in 2021 and 2022.

Why did Speed get hospitalized?

He faced a serious sinus infection causing an extremely painful headache.

Who is Ishowspeed ex girlfriend?

Aaliyah Wasko is Ishoespeed ex girlfriend.

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