Slim Thug Net Worth

Slim Thug net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Slim Thug is a Rapper, whose real name is Stayve Jerome Thomas. He is a well-known American rapper and entrepreneur. He was given this name early because his height was 6 ft 5 in. He was only 17 when he started freestyle rapping at parties. Slim Thug is actively involved in his community. He has been part of initiatives to promote education and provide resources for underserved communities in Houston.

Born onSep 8, 1980
Age43 years old
Born inHouston, Texas, USA
Height6 ft 5 in (1.981 m)
NationalityUnited States
ProfessionBusinessman, Rapper
Slim Thug Net Worth$2 million

Early Life

Slim Thug was born on September 8, 1980, in Houston, Texas, USA. He started performing at a really early age. He was just 17 when he began freestyle rapping at parties. In the late 1990s, Thomas began his rap career with Swishahouse. He left Swishahouse amicably and started his independent label, Boss Hogg Outlawz, after learning how much money he could make by releasing his mixtapes. Slim Thug Net Worth is around $2 million.

Slim Thug

Slim Thug Career Beginnings

He began his rap career in the late 1990s and gained recognition as part of the underground hip-hop scene in Houston.  He is often credited with helping to popularize the “Chopped and Screwed” style of hip-hop, a subgenre characterized by slowed-down beats and distorted vocals.

Slim Thug’s breakthrough came with his debut album, “Already Platinum,” released in 2005. The album featured collaborations with Pharrell Williams, T.I., and Bun B.

Slim Thug is the leader of the rap collective “Boss Hogg Outlawz,” a group of Houston-based rappers. He is known for his independent approach to the music industry. He has released several albums and mixtapes under his own label, Boss Hogg Outlawz. Slim Thug Net Worth is around $2 million.

Slim Thug Net Worth


In addition to his music career, Slim Thug has ventured into entrepreneurship. He has invested in various business endeavours, including a car customization shop and a real estate company.


Slim Thug has collaborated with numerous artists in the hip-hop industry, contributing to a variety of tracks and projects.

Enduring Influence

As a prominent figure in the Houston hip-hop scene, Slim Thug has left an enduring impact on the genre, both regionally and nationally.

Personal Brand

Slim Thug’s music often reflects the street life and experiences of his hometown. He has remained true to his roots throughout his career.

Social Media Presence

He is active on social media platforms and has a substantial following, where he continues to engage with his fans and share updates on his music and business ventures. Slim Thug Net Worth is around $2 million.

Slim Thug Net Worth

Slim Thug Net Worth is around $2 million.

Slim Thug Archive Medal

Slim Thug Favorite Quotes

I always say if you can’t buy it three times over, you can’t afford it. Don’t drive a Bentley on a Benz income.


I see myself being 5 times hotter than I am now every year. I just focus on being hotter than the year before.


I’ve been paid, I’m just tryin to turn my mans on.

It’s hot on my block, somebody turn the fan on


It was mix tapes, that’s my story, I did a lot of mix tapes, that’s what I started doing when I was 17. I got with a hot DJ out here and you know Texas, the rap scene is different, everyone out here is on the Screw music.


Frequently Asked Questions About Slim Thug

Who is Slim Thug’s son?

Dreux Mason is the son of Slim Thug. 

How did Slim Thug make his money?

He became famous before releasing his independent mix tapes in the late 1990s as an artist on the city’s iconic Swishahouse label.

How did Slim Thug become famous?

He went viral with his Hit single by rapper Mike Jones, “Still Tippin.

How long has Thug been in jail?

He was in jail for around a year. 

Who founded Thug Life?

Thug Life was formed in 1992 by Randy “Stretch” Walker and Princess Mel, Tupac with Tyruss “Little Psycho” Himes.

What business does Slim Thug own?

Slim Thug’s Boss Life Construction Company has been working since 2015 and providing affordable housing schemes. 

How old is thug?

He was born on September 08, 1980, and is around 43 years old. 

Who is the father of thug?

Jeffrey Williams Sr is the father of Slim Thug. 


Slim Thug’s career has been marked by his commitment to staying independent and true to his Houston roots. His music and entrepreneurial ventures have made him a respected figure in the hip-hop industry. Slim Thug Net Worth is around $2 million.

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