Super Human Tarek el Moussa Net Worth 2024

Tarek el Moussa net Worth as of 2024 is estimated at around 62 Million US Dollars. The full name of Tarek el Moussa is Tarek Gustave El Moussa. He is a celebrated American real estate investor and television personality. 

Date of Birth21 August 1981
OriginLong Beach, California, United States
ProfessionReal Estate Investor

Tarek el Moussa is best known for co-hosting HGTV‘s Flip or Flop with his ex-wife Christina Hall. The couple found success flipping houses as an alternative to their previous business. Their last business of selling real estate hit during the 2008 economic crisis.  

Tarek el Moussa Net Worth

Early Life 

Tarek el Moussa was raised in Long Beach, California. His father is a Lebanese Catholic father, who migrated to Egypt, and a Belgian mother, whose maiden name is Arnould. He is half Middle Eastern. He has an older sister named Dominique. He graduated from Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, California in 2000.

Tarek is an Orange County, California-based real estate agent and house flipper. He is best known for buying homes at auction, renovating, and selling them for a profit. He earned his real estate license at 21 and then began flipping houses.

He met his first wife, Christina Hack, through the flipping industry. He teamed up with Christina, focusing on design, and Tarek to manage renovations. Business hit when the economy collapsed in 2008. In the wake of the crash, Tarek and Christina went from living in a large luxurious house that cost $6,000 per month to a tiny apartment that cost $700 per month.

Tarek and Christina ran The El Moussa Group, in California, Orange country. The area is famous for one of its most enormous foreclosure rates in the country during the housing industry crash. Tarek and Christina got married in 2009 and had two children together: a girl named Taylor Reese and a boy named Brayden James.

Tarek el Moussa family

Career and HGTV

With the recovery of the global economy, Tarek and Christina’s real estate business also recovered. Tarek asked his friend to film him and Christina flipping a house from start to finish to edit it into an audition tape. In 2011, the video, on Christina’s Instagram page, caught the eye of producers at Pie Town Productions and HGTV.

In 2012, they both got to sign a deal with HGTV. Their famous show Flip or Flop premiered in April 2013. Tarek and Christina’s show follows the process of bidding on a property, renovating, restoring it to be competitive on the market, and then reselling it. Tarek manages the renovation, while Christina handles the design. In 2013 and 2017, Christina and Tarek filmed 92 episodes over 7 seasons. The couple became highly famous.

In 2020, the show features Tarek as a mentor to real estate novices to help them learn the secrets of a successful flip. In March 2023, “The Flipping El Moussa’s” released on HGTV, Tarek’s new show with his second wife, Heather Rae.

Tarek el Moussa Net Worth from HGTV

In the starting seasons of the show, Christina and Tarek earned a relatively $10,000 per episode total, which worked out to approximately $130,000 for the season. Their pay per episode was raised to $40,000, roughly $600,000 per season.

Tarek el Moussa Net Worth

Real Estate

In April 2020, Tarek revealed that he was moving from the home after separating from his first wife. Tarek’s former home had sold out, and they found another option a modern beach house just a block from the ocean, which they plan to rent for at least a year. Heather maintained an apartment in West Hollywood, closer to her office on the Sunset Strip. In November 2021, the couple had the Newport Beach home as the perfect spot for their family and made it their permanent residence.

Tarek el Moussa Net Worth

Tarek El Moussa is a celebrated investor and a television personality. According to the latest update of 2023, his net Worth is $62 Million US Dollars. Tarek El Moussa earns approximately $1 million in salary per episode. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tarek El Moussa famous for?

He is famous for being an Investor and a TV celebrity. He became famous for appearing in HGTV’s Flip or Flop.

What did Tarek El Moussa have?

He has thyroid cancer but has been working for years on his health. 

Wrapping It Up

He is one of the most resilient people that I have ever seen. Moreover, he is fighting Thyroid cancer but with a proper class. He gives a lot of time to his health and fitness. He got famous for appearing in HGTV`s Flip or Flop. Moreover, he is also a real estate investor,  and Tarek el Moussa net Worth is around $62 million. 

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